monte carlo vodka

Our legacy

Created and produced by 5th generation master distiller, located in the heart of the world famous Cognac region of France.

Monte Carlo Vodka


Proin Monte Carlo Vodka is a brand of spirits in the prestige category of top shelf vodka products. It is crafted in and was first introduced to the United States market in 2012. It is known for being produced from French winter wheat and going through a stringent refining process.

However, Monte Carlo has done well in Manhattan where it is now offered in luxury hotels and restaurants.



Our Liquor

Monte Carlo vodka is distilled in the Cognac region of France, which is primarily known for its world-renowned brandy. Executives of Monte Carlo were concerned about how the product would be received in New York City, specifically Manhattan, because this market is known to be exceptionally difficult for new brands of liquor to enter.

In 2013, Monte Carlo was approved by the Société des alcools du Québec, allowing it to be imported and sold in Canada, The brand has also recently become available in Israel.



Distilled Spirits

Monte Carlo vodka is distilled from locally sourced winter wheat, which is the primary ingredient in distilled spirits produced in Eastern European countries. Wheat is favored in many grain-based spirits because it provides a smooth and slightly fruity flavor. Mountain spring water from natural aquifers up to 200-feet deep is used to ferment the wheat. The product is crafted by a fifth generation of master distillers in a process that includes nine distillations before it is filtered seven times to improve quality and purity. Most clear spirits of this type are only distilled an average of four to five times.

The label for Monte Carlo vodka includes the slogan "World’s Most Prestigious Vodka". The center of the label includes a coat of arms in seven colors.





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